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Walden Wood is a community comprised of 157 single family homes, most located on cul-de-sacs. The community's well-built homes range up to 2,200+ square feet and are on densely treed lots. Each house sits on a lot somewhat larger than most lots in surrounding neighborhoods. Walden Wood has a gated community area with pool, playground, tennis court, and gazebo. 

SummerHomes Community 

Walden Wood was developed by SummerHomes Incorporated, who designed the community and initiated the Walden Wood Association along with it's Bylaws and Articles in Incorporation in 1986. The SummerHomes builder was Charlie Brown. The community was constructed in two phases with the West side (Phase I) completed first in the mid-1980's followed by the East side (Phase II) in the late 1980's.

Would You Like Some More Information?

Walden Wood HOA 
P.O. Box 56605
Jacksonville, FL 32241

  • Please keep up with the exterior maintenance of your home, ensuring that landscaping and the exterior of the home is maintained in a neat and orderly manner.
  • Please refrain from accumulating excess garbage and construction materials in the streets.  Deposit these items at the city's designated location in front of your home before regularly scheduled pickup by the city. Please return garbage receptacles to an area screened from street view after pick-up.
  • We've noticed some litter left behind on our Thursday garbage pickup day. We all appreciate litter-free streets and lawns. Please take an extra moment and pick up what the garbage men may have left behind. Everyone in the subdivision appreciates the extra effort each of us makes to keep the area as clean as possible.
  • Please remove all political and other signage from your property. (For Sale and For Rent signs referring to the premises on which displayed are permitted in the Covenants and Restrictions).
  • Some owners have been cutting down trees and painting homes without submitting their plans to the Walden Wood board per the Walden Wood Covenants & Restrictions. Violations can result in fines. Please contact the board before making any changes to your property, including home additions, fences and sheds, painting your house, or cutting down trees on your property. Through this process we can maintain what is distinctive about Walden Wood and preserve its special atmosphere.